zacateca flaying viral video


The resurgence of a disturbing flaying video from Mexico’s violence-stricken state of Zacatecas has gained traction online, prompting distress among viewers. Google Trends research indicates a notable surge in interest, leading to widespread circulation of the video.

Notably, YouTuber Plagued Moth contributed to its dissemination by releasing a 13-minute video titled “The Zacateca Flaying, Worse Than FunkyTown? I Goremas In July” in July.The YouTuber’s video, which has garnered over 160K views at the time of this article, featured a narrated account of the events depicted in the shocking video.

To adhere to content guidelines, Plagued Moth appropriately blurred the graphic content during the narration.According to some online accounts, the victim in the video was reportedly subdued and had limbs tied while lying on the ground.

Allegedly under the influence of substances, it is suggested that this may have mitigated the pain experienced during the horrific act. Surprisingly, netizens claim the victim did not audibly express pain while being tortured by members believed to be from Mexico’s Cartel del Noreste, also known as the Northeast Cartel.

The Cartel del Noreste, reportedly founded in 2014 by Juan Gerardo Chavez Trevino, emerged following the arrest of Los Zetas’ leader, Omar Trevino Morales. The power vacuum led to a split within Los Zetas, resulting in conflicts between the Old School Zetas and the newly formed Cartel del Noreste. This internal strife escalated the cartel’s conflicts not only with the Old School Zetas but also with rival cartels such as Nuevo Laredo, Gulf Cartel, and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Zacatecas, as reported by El Pais, has been a hotspot for cartel wars and intense violence for several years. Recent incidents include the kidnapping and tragic killing of seven teenagers and cousins, as well as the abduction and subsequent death of five police officers in August.

Carlos Perez Ricart from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching shed light on the demographics of cartel recruits, noting that men between the ages of 17 and 24 living in impoverished urban areas, often lacking opportunities, are vulnerable to recruitment. Some recruits may be survivors of shootings, while others might be coerced into joining the cartels.

Mexico United Against Crime’s statistics reveal alarming figures for Zacatecas, with 4,548 victims of homicide and femicide in the last five years, along with 2,371 people suffering from kidnappings, illegal detentions, and other crimes against humanity. This data underscores the severity and complexity of the challenges faced by the region.

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