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Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates in District 57, is facing controversy following revelations of her participation in online adult performances with her husband.

The New York Post obtained screenshots indicating her involvement on the adult streaming website Chaturbate.Gibson, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner and mother of two, had recordings of her live performances archived on Recurbate in September 2022, after announcing her candidacy.

The Washington Post first brought these claims to public attention. Despite her political aspirations, Gibson had a significant online following with over 5,770 followers on Chaturbate.

During her broadcasts, Gibson encouraged viewers to purchase “tokens” for access to more exclusive content, asserting that the funds raised were for a “good cause.”

She also disclosed personal details, including experimenting with partner swapping due to her belief in ethical non-monogamy, though acknowledging her husband’s discomfort with the idea.

Chaturbate’s terms and conditions explicitly state that demanding specific acts in exchange for tips could lead to a ban for all parties involved. Notably, Gibson’s husband, a practicing lawyer, supported her requests during at least one broadcast.

In response to the controversy, Watkins, Gibson’s attorney, referred to a 2021 Virginia Appeals Court ruling, stating that secretly filming consensual sexual acts, even if the footage is not distributed, is unlawful.

Watkins mentioned active collaboration with state and federal law enforcement but noted that Gibson’s campaign has not released an official statement.The upcoming election on November 7 pits Gibson against Republican candidate David Owen, a former home builder.

The Democratic Party sees this election as crucial for reestablishing their majority in the 100-member Virginia House. The unfolding situation adds uncertainty to Gibson’s political future and the dynamics of the election.

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