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Domelipa, the well-known TikTok star hailing from Mexico, is currently at the center of a controversy surrounding a video featuring her kissing her boyfriend, El Borrego.

This unexpected turn of events led to the surprising ban of her TikTok account, which boasted a massive following of 72 million fans.

In the clip, Domelipa is seen sharing a kiss with El Borrego, another influential figure on the platform.

Contrary to expectations, this seemingly innocent moment triggered a violation of TikTok’s content policy, resulting in the suspension of Domelipa’s account.

The abrupt ban sparked heated discussions among her fans, with debates emerging over whether the video was the sole reason for the account closure.

As Domelipa’s absence from social media persisted, rumors circulated regarding the cause of her account ban, further fueling concerns about her well-being.

Speculations and searches intensified as users sought the controversial video that allegedly led to the ban.

Amidst the swirling curiosity, Domelipa felt compelled to address the rumors. She categorically denied that the kissing video was the cause behind her account suspension, asserting that a technical issue was responsible for her inability to access the account.

Domelipa assured her followers that her team was diligently working to resolve the problem, indicating that her TikTok account would take some time to be restored.

As the controversy continues to unfold, followers are advised to stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

The situation involves a mix of speculations, denial from Domelipa, and ongoing efforts to rectify the technical issues surrounding her TikTok account.

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