Baby Alien and kisha Chavis goes viral-baby alien viral


Former NBA star Joe Smith’s wife, Kisha Chavis, found herself at the center of social media discussions after a video featuring Yabdiel Cotto, known as Baby Alien, went viral.

The video, which gained attention, led to revelations about Kisha Chavis having an OnlyFans account, a platform for adult content accessible through a monthly subscription.In the video, Baby Alien shared his fantasies about older women while sitting in a Fan Van.

To the surprise of many, Kisha Chavis appeared in the video, interrupting the conversation. It was disclosed that she had a previous career in the adult entertainment industry. The video, without Joe Smith’s knowledge, became widely circulated, drawing significant attention.

A particular focus of interest arose around a video featuring Joe Smith’s wife on a fan bus, spending time with Baby Alien and a little person. Fans expressed curiosity about its availability on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram.

Some claimed the clip could be found on these platforms, while others struggled to locate it.There were reports that the Joe Smith Wife Fan Bus clip is available on Telegram, though it’s important to note that the platform has strict policies against explicit content and privacy violations.

If the clip is indeed on Telegram, it could face removal by the platform’s moderators.Following the incident with Baby Alien, Kisha Chavis faced extensive scrutiny and criticism. Many questioned her decision to join OnlyFans, considering it a perceived betrayal of her marriage. In response to the public backlash, Kisha took steps to secure and clarify her motivations, seeking understanding amidst the judgment she faced.

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