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The Dr. Tyler Bigenho scandal has erupted, centering on a viral video depicting the California-based chiropractor conducting a neck adjustment with a distinctive cracking sound. Known for his entrepreneurial success in the digital business realm and as the founder of Clean Spine Chiropractic, Dr. Bigenho has found his reputation under intense scrutiny.

Despite his efforts to use social media for informative and entertaining content, particularly showcasing spine-cracking sessions to dispel myths surrounding chiropractic practices, the video in question has raised serious concerns.

The footage suggested that Dr. Bigenho’s approach may have been overly aggressive, leading to accusations of recklessness and negligence, especially given the delicate nature of neck manipulations.

The controversy quickly gained momentum across various social media platforms, with Twitter being a focal point for discussions and responses. Critics argued that the chiropractor’s actions demonstrated arrogance and a lack of caution, contending that a responsible professional should not apply such force or pressure during neck adjustments.

On the other side, supporters maintained that Dr. Bigenho, as an experienced chiropractor, ensured the safety of the patient.The public outcry prompted calls for a formal investigation into Dr. Bigenho’s practices, with growing demands for chiropractic boards to implement stricter disciplinary oversight.

The scandal also ignited broader debates concerning ethics in spinal care and the dissemination of potentially misleading information about chiropractic practices to the public.As the controversy unfolded, the path forward for Dr. Tyler Bigenho became uncertain. The scandal highlighted the delicate balance between safety, expertise, and ethical considerations in the field of chiropractic care.

The ongoing debates underscored the challenges faced by the chiropractic community in addressing public concerns and maintaining trust in their practices amid the evolving landscape of social media scrutiny.

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