jill biden christmas video


First Lady Jill Biden faced significant backlash after posting a video on X showcasing dancers tapping around the holiday-decorated White House, themed “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” for the season.

Shared from the official @FLOTUS account, the video featured Dorrance Dance’s playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite, aiming to bring magic and joy.

However, the social media response was largely critical. Viewers expressed displeasure, with comments like “The United States of Bananas” and “Imagine thinking this gives America the Christmas spirit.” Some labeled the video as “strange,” “bizarre,” and “freaky.”

Comparisons were drawn to a video shared during Melania Trump’s tenure in the White House. Supporters of Trump’s video praised it as tasteful, seasonal, breathtaking, and inclusive, contrasting it with criticism of Jill Biden’s display as “utterly tacky, tasteless, and ANTI Christmas.

“While the video showcased smiling dancers in vibrant costumes, dancing and tapping throughout the White House, critics argued that it lacked a Christmas theme, prompting concerns about costs to taxpayers.

Some viewers found the video embarrussing and inappropriate for children, while one commented, “Looks like the WH switched from cocaine to acid,” referencing an earlier incident involving the discovery of cocaine at the executive mansion.

Despite the widespread criticism, a handful of supporters praised the performance. One user commended Dorrance Dance for their hard work, expressing joy and wonder, while another stated, “I couldn’t love this any more than I do!”

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