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Eagles center Jason Kelce is candid about the team’s need for improvement as they prepare to face the NFC South champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Expressing frustration, Kelce labels the current stretch as the team’s worst since head coach Nick Sirianni’s tenure began.

Despite boasting a top-10 ranking in yards gained and points scored, the Eagles’ defense struggled, finishing 30th in points allowed and 26th in yards allowed.

After a disappointing loss to the New York Giants, defensive lineman Fletcher Cox characterizes the team’s mood as “very scary.”

The Eagles acknowledge the challenges but remain focused on the playoffs, where it’s one-and-done, emphasizing the need for a turnaround.

In their final regular-season game against the Giants, a 27-10 upset, the Eagles faced setbacks, with key players like Jalen Hurts, Cameron Jurgens, Sydney Brown, and AJ Brown sustaining injuries. Jason Kelce, during a podcast with his brother Travis, admits the team is not in a favorable position but delivers a rallying cry to boost morale among his teammates.

Reflecting on the draft, Kelce discusses Andy Reid’s initial hesitation to select his brother Travis due to off-field concerns. He emphasizes the responsibility he felt as part of the decision-making process.

Despite the challenges and recent setbacks, the Eagles are determined to regroup and make a strong showing in the playoffs, recognizing the tough road ahead.

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