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The viral video depicting a man wearing an orange baseball cap inserting a gas station pump into himself has gained significant traction across various social media platforms like Twitter, X, Reddit, and others.

It’s turned into something of a “Don’t Google” bait, with internet users encountering gas pump memes and subsequently becoming curious about the reference.

What’s intriguing is that many American internet users resharing the video have labeled the unidentified man as a “liberal,” even going so far as to suggest he’s a “Biden supporter.”

This association likely stems from the ongoing discourse around the high gas prices experienced during Biden’s presidency, a topic frequently highlighted by conservatives and right-leaning pundits in their news coverage and memes.

However, this presumption encounters a complication when considering the man’s nationality. He’s Italian, residing in a context where the conservative Giorgia Meloni holds office.

This aspect adds nuance to the discussion and challenges the initial narrative surrounding the video.

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