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Mexico mourned on Tuesday, June 4th, when a woman identified as Dulce Alondra, 29, lost her life in a tragic accident while attempting to take a selfie with the historic locomotive “La Emperatriz.”

The incident shocked the community and highlighted the importance of safety near railway tracks.“La Emperatriz” had arrived in Mexico to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC), an event meant to be a festive occasion but which ended in tragedy.

On Tuesday afternoon, in the municipality of Nopala de Villagrán, Hidalgo, Dulce Alondra, wearing an orange blouse and a backpack, was preparing to capture a historic moment with her cellphone.

But in a tragic turn of events, she miscalculated the distance between herself and the locomotive, resulting in a fatal blow.The video of the incident quickly spread on social media, showing the moments leading up to the tragic accident. In the video, Dulce Alondra can be seen taking out her phone to snap a selfie, unaware of the impending danger.

Within seconds, the locomotive strikes her, causing her to collapse to the ground. Despite attempts to assist her by nearby people, it was too late. Dulce Alondra had lost her life due to the severe head injury.CPKC of Mexico promptly issued a statement describing the incident as a “tragic accident.” “We are deeply saddened by this loss of life and wish to express our sincerest condolences to the woman’s family and loved ones,” they said.

They also took the opportunity to urge the community about the importance of safety near railway tracks.CPKC’s warnings are crucial, as this tragic accident could have been avoided by following some basic safety measures. The company emphasized that one should remain at least 10 meters away from the tracks, never stand close to or on the tracks, and not attempt to climb on railway equipment.

It is also essential to exercise extreme caution near the tracks and trains, avoid throwing objects at the locomotive, and, above all, refrain from taking selfies on the tracks.

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