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A video allegedly showing Drake masturbating on his private jet began circulating online and gained traction on Twitter.

Despite the unclear angle of the video, many believed it to be him due to the recognizable setting.

Despite the sensitive nature of the situation, Drake responded to the leak with humor and good spirits.

The response unfolded during a livestream with Drake’s friend, Adin Ross. Adin mentioned the video to Drake in a voice message, to which Drake responded with humor, according to Adin’s account.

Drake’s response included multiple laughing emojis, indicating that he was taking the situation lightly.

Another individual on the livestream commented on Drake’s nonchalant reaction, suggesting that Drake’s confidence in himself might explain his relaxed demeanor.

Adin further shared that Drake joked about potentially using Adin’s voice message as an intro for his next album, adding to the lightheartedness of the situation.While it’s only Adin Ross’ word that confirms Drake’s response, it aligns with Drake’s reputation for handling controversies with grace and humor.

Despite the negative attention, Drake remains one of the world’s top stars, known for his chart-topping music releases and commanding presence in the online spotlight.

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