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Jesús Pérez Mejía, widely known as ‘Chiquito,’ has become a focal point of controversy following the circulation of a viral video and his association with the death of Joshua Omar Fernández.

Currently serving a 30-year sentence in La Victoria prison, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for his alleged involvement in Fernández’s death during a 2023 assault, Pérez Mejía has garnered attention on social media platforms.

The leaked video, which surfaced recently, depicts Pérez Mejía engaging in a video call with an unidentified individual.

The circumstances surrounding his access to a mobile device within the prison facility remain undisclosed, sparking questions about security protocols and potential breaches. Despite his imprisonment, Pérez Mejía continues to attract attention, with discussions about his case even reaching platforms like the podcast ‘EstoNoEsRadio.

‘Central to the controversy is Pérez Mejía’s insistence on his innocence regarding Fernández’s death. He maintains that he was solely involved in a robbery and denies any responsibility for the murder.

Notably, during his trial, the prosecution failed to conclusively prove Pérez Mejía’s possession of the weapon used in the crime, leading to speculation and heated debates over the validity of his conviction.

This ongoing debate has intensified public scrutiny of both Pérez Mejía’s case and the broader issues surrounding the Dominican justice system.

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