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The feud between Tia Kemp and Bossman Dlow seems to have escalated significantly, with both parties engaging in public exchanges and airing out their grievances on social media platforms like Instagram Live and Clubhouse.

Tia Kemp, known for her outspoken and unfiltered demeanor, didn’t hold back in her response to Dlow’s claim that she slid into his DMs.

She took to her own social media channels to refute his allegations and make counter-claims against him.One of Kemp’s accusations is that Bossman Dlow attempted to involve her in one of his music videos but couldn’t afford her fees.

She alleges that he sought to capitalize on her recent viral videos to boost his own profile but backed out due to financial constraints.

This allegation, along with others, has fueled the ongoing feud between the two, leading to further public scrutiny and attention.

Unfortunately, this public dispute doesn’t just impact Tia Kemp and Bossman Dlow; it also involves Rick Ross, Tia Kemp’s ex-partner.

The fallout from their relationship seems to extend beyond just the two of them, with family members being drawn into the drama as well. The situation appears to be getting increasingly messy and contentious, with each new development adding fuel to the fire.

While the drama may be garnering attention from fans and the public, it’s important to consider the toll that such public disputes can take on personal relationships and well-being.

Handling conflicts in a more private and constructive manner could potentially lead to a healthier resolution for all parties involved.

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