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Nigerian actor Bolanle Ninalowo, popularly known as Makanaki, has found himself at the center of controversy surrounding a viral video circulating online.

The explicit video features an unidentified man with a tattoo that bears a striking resemblance to Ninalowo, although the face remains undisclosed.

Social media was abuzz with speculation, with numerous netizens alleging that the man in the video was indeed the renowned actor.

Responding to the growing speculation, Ninalowo took to his verified Instagram account to address the issue directly.

In a posted video, he unequivocally refuted the rumors, asserting, “I am not the man!”Ninalowo acknowledged that people had reached out to him regarding the video, but he categorically denied any involvement, making it clear that the individual in the explicit content was not him.

The actor went on to emphasize his commitment to upholding a positive public image, stating that he would never disappoint himself, his family, or his fans by engaging in such activities.

His response not only serves as a denial but also as a strong statement against the rumors connecting him to the circulated explicit video.

Ninalowo’s commitment to maintaining a clean public image is highlighted in his firm stance against the unfounded speculation.

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