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Stevin John, also known as “Blippi,” gained fame as a children’s YouTuber with millions of followers. However, his reputation faced a significant challenge in 2013 when he appeared in a viral Harlem Shake meme video.

The video, which gained widespread attention, featured a controversial scene where Blippi was depicted as defecating on his naked friend’s buttocks.

Despite the video’s initial popularity, it soon became a liability for Blippi’s family-friendly image. Recognizing the potential damage it could cause to his brand, Blippi took decisive action to remove the video from the internet.

This involved extensive efforts to clean up his online presence and distance himself from the controversial content.One of the key tactics employed by Blippi was the use of legal measures to protect his image.

His attorney sent cease and desist letters to platforms hosting the video, asserting copyright ownership and demanding its removal.

Additionally, Blippi filed copyright takedown requests with Google and other search engines to remove links to the video from their search results.

BuzzFeed, a prominent media outlet, received a legal notice regarding the video’s copyright, but their reporting did not prompt Blippi’s actions. Instead, he had been actively working to remove the video from the internet for years prior to BuzzFeed’s coverage.

Blippi’s response to the situation underscores the challenges faced by public figures in managing their online reputation, especially when confronted with controversial or inappropriate content from their past.

Despite the viral nature of the Harlem Shake meme video, Blippi’s efforts to clean up his online presence demonstrate his commitment to maintaining a positive and family-friendly image.

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