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The gaming community finds itself in the midst of controversy following an unauthorized leak of Grand Theft Auto VI, allegedly involving Rockstar Games’ Art Director, Aaron Garbut.

The leaked footage, showcasing the game’s unrevealed map, characters, and gameplay features, was posted on social media and has since been deleted, causing a stir among eager fans anticipating the official announcement of GTA VI.

The incident has raised questions about Rockstar Games’ internal security measures, with enthusiasts speculating on potential consequences for Garbut and the game’s development timeline. Despite the fervent response from the gaming community dissecting the leaked content, Rockstar Games has not yet issued an official statement, leaving fans anxious for updates on this unexpected revelation.

The unauthorized clip was reportedly recorded by a 16-year-old friend of Garbut’s son during a playtesting session. The teenager shared the video on Twitter and LinkedIn, claiming to be engaged in game testing on behalf of his friend’s father. The video quickly went viral, capturing millions of viewers and triggering widespread discussions among gaming enthusiasts.

Rockstar Games swiftly intervened, contacting Garbut and his son’s friend, instructing them to remove the leaked content. The leak not only angered the game developer but also disappointed many GTA fans, who felt that the video spoiled their anticipation and enjoyment of the highly anticipated game. Some fans accused Garbut and his son’s friend of intentionally leaking the video to generate hype and publicity for GTA VI.

Amidst the backlash, others expressed sympathy and support for Garbut, asserting that he was a victim of his son’s prank and should not be solely blamed for the mistake. Despite the public scrutiny, Garbut has not commented publicly on the leak, but reports suggest he has apologized to Rockstar Games and his colleagues for the incident.

The gaming community remains on edge, awaiting an official statement from Rockstar Games to provide clarity on the situation.

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